Welcome to the Martial Artist Doesn’t Bully website!

A martial artist doesn’t bully. Anyone. Ever. Anywhere.

The Finnish martial arts federations are inviting all sports clubs to embrace this principle. The easiest way to get involved is to pay attention to your own club’s atmosphere and put an immediate
stop to bullying should it happen.


Our goal is to find and provide easy, practical tools for clubs to reduce and prevent bullying within the club and among its
members. We aim to help clubs create a safe and healthy environment.


We have a range of products for all who support the Martial Artist Doesn’t Bully principles. The current line of products includes hoodies, t-shirts, and cloth badges. We’re planning on extending the
selection, so stay tuned!

Check out our web store and show your colors: http://www.kamppailija.demelle.fi/index.html

Contact information:

Steering group representatives

Tatu Iivanainen

Here are some links to find support if you have been bullied: